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Welcome to the Dyfed DBST Hub 

Everything you need to know about DBST

Welcome to the Dyfed DBST Hub - Our goal is to reduce stigma around BBV transmission, offer BBV testing to anyone across Dyfed and streamline routes to treatment for Hepatitis B, C & HIV.


Get Ready

World Hepatitis Day: 28th July 2023

What is a DBST?

A DBST (Dry Blood Spot Test) is a simple procedure that aims to detect BBV's (Blood Borne Viruses) in a persons body.


It's In Our Blood

Let's Do Some Good


“Call Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service on 0330 363 9997 for more information”

Service User Testimonial

One of our service users kindly shared their experience of having a positive test and being medicated for Hepatitis C.


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See one of our trained DBST practitioners in action!

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